I am...Sasha Fierce

For those of you who don't know that the title of the new Beyonce record "I am...Sasha fierce." There also another title "I am....Beyonce" From what I here it two different CD's. One is all hip-hop dance and the other disc is ballads' or you can get the deluxe edition with both. Check out the track list below

I AM...Beyonce:
  1. If I Were a Boy
  2. Halo
  3. Disappear
  4. Broken-Hearted Girl
  5. Ave Maria
  6. Smash Into You
  7. Satellites
  8. That's Why You're Beautiful

I AM...Sasha Fierce:

  1. Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)
  2. Radio
  3. Diva
  4. Sweet Dreams
  5. Video Phone
  6. Hello
  7. Ego
  8. Scared of Lonely
  9. Why Don't You Love Me?

All I can say is "I AM" looking forward to it and the video for If I was a boy probably the best video i seen all year.


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