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Love Lost

Hey guys i need some advice for my friend and its not me but my friend is a attractive twenty six old with no children and she has lost the love of her life do to choices and decisions. Here is the scenario she was kicking it with this dude an older attractive well educated man who had everything she ever wanted in a companion. She kicked with him for about a year and because things was to good so she automatically assumed that something was going on especially because he was in a way unemotional, except when it came to sex (actually the best sex she ever had). And now that she has lost him she realizes that it was true love and he was the perfect man just for her so now that he has moved on and lives in a different state with no communication in two years and she regrets it what should She do????????

Ex Felons: Know your rights you can vote too

Picture to the left shows rap artist T.I and you probably wondering why he apart of this blog. Well many of you probably now about his past lifestyle and the fact that he is an ex felon. Recently T.I went out and voted in the state of Georgia and was encouaraging others to do so as well. Rumor has it that if you served Jail time that you are no longer able to vote. Well that not quite true you can vote but the stipulations are you have to had served your complete time and is no longer on parole or probation. So those of out there who has served time and free off parole and probation you can vote. Find out what the law requirements are in your state. November 4th get in the game go out there and vote.

One week away

I know i keeping bringing this up but so what it is important Nov.4th is almost here and if you don't know now you know. The 2008 presidential election is upon us so don't sit at home pretending you don't know what to do. We go all out for halloween, superbowl, July 4th and every other holiday or event. We should treat this election the same way, so if you don't get out there and vote. On Nov. 5th you have no right to complain so save drama and get in the game.

My Prayers for the Hudsons

In recent events we have learned that Jennifer Hudson Mother and Brother was killed and now the body of her nephew was found this morning. I cannot even fathom what Jennifer and her family is going through not even going to try. This is a horrific tragedy that has happened, all weekend i have been thinking about this. I don't know the Hudson family but it don't matter it still hurt to hear news like this. The saddest thing about this is that the suspect in question is a relative. Not a stranger or random person but someone they called family. If the suspect they have in question is responsible for this heinous act than he better start praying for time. I would like to send my prayers and best wishes to the hudson family.

Countdown to History

We are almost two weeks away from one of the most historical presidential elections. It is important that we get out there and vote. Now is the time to study the candidates if you have not already. So hopefully everyone has met the voter registration deadline and will be at the polls on November 4th. Be heard and get in the game

Six degrees of separation

There is speculation that actor Will Smith at one point would go and request male escorts from a Hollywood madame. These are explosive accusations, According to the madame by way who has not be named said that Smith has "placed his order” for a man after he trusted that she could guarantee discretion. “I had to reassure him over and over that I could guarantee discretion." Wow so much for that, i guess his secret is not safe. Will now is your time to get out and start talking cause the buzz is strong on this one.

T-Pain & Lil Wayne: T-Wayne

I hope know one gets offended by this but then again it's my blog and i say what i want. We are now approaching the end of 2008. And one thing that i hope that stays in 08 is the collaborations with T-pain and lil wayne every other song on radio either has pain or wayne on it. I understand they do wonders in ringtone sells and the carter III is platinum that's wonderful. But is it possible for a recording artist in this century to make a record on their own. Can I go to a record store and look at the back of CD and not see featuring Lil wayne or T-Pain.

A wish for 09

Question of the Day: How old is too old to wear air jordans?

Last week I was in my closet and i found a pair of Jordan's that i wore only a few times, so i figured a what the hell why not wear them. Okay i wore them they went good with my outfit but.......
I felt kinda silly, because for one now that i am older air Jordan's is really for the kids.

Anyway how old is too old to wear jordans?

Team Obama

Well it looks like Colin Powell has joined Borack and company. He is now endorsing Borack Obama. McCain cannot be to happy about this one. Becusase Powell is a Republican that says alot about the republican party when a republican backs a democrat that says a lot. That tells me it is time for change.

Joe Budden TV

Mr Mood Muzik himself Joe Budden has his youtube video channel "Joe Budden TV". It probably the funniest video blog on the internet. It just him doing random stuff from buying hats to working in the studio. This week Episode is "Monopoly" check it out at or

I am...Sasha Fierce

For those of you who don't know that the title of the new Beyonce record "I am...Sasha fierce." There also another title "I am....Beyonce" From what I here it two different CD's. One is all hip-hop dance and the other disc is ballads' or you can get the deluxe edition with both. Check out the track list below

I AM...Beyonce:
If I Were a Boy Halo DisappearBroken-Hearted GirlAve MariaSmash Into YouSatellitesThat's Why You're Beautiful I AM...Sasha Fierce: Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) Radio Diva Sweet DreamsVideo PhoneHelloEgoScared of LonelyWhy Don't You Love Me?All I can say is "I AM" looking forward to it and the video for If I was a boy probably the best video i seen all year.

November 4th: Get in the game

History is going down next month, I'm not saying who to vote for but just get out there and vote.
Young people we have to get out there and do our thing, if you been living in america for the last eight years you understand why it's important to Vote.