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When All Is Lost

Google Images: Chrisette Michelle, Top: Tina Campbell, Bottom
Recently singer Chrisette Michelle announced her recent miscarriage and being dropped from her record label, and also having suicidal thoughts. If you are not aware during  the Trump presidential  inauguration earlier this year
Chrisette Michelle decided to perform at the festivities. Which was truly a bad idea on her and her team part. It caused the biggest backlash of her career. Many supporters of her music, vocally stated they will be boycotting and no longer supporting the artist.
And now the singer states the effects and stress of this fall out has caused major conflict in her life.
Let me say this, I am terribly sad to hear about her miscarriage. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I cannot even begin to imagine what that is like. And the emotions and thoughts of suicide is a beyond unfortunate burden to bare.

Her sharing this information may garner sympathy from some. But overall people are still pretty pissed of…

The Crossover

Google Images: George Michael Faith Era
December 25 2016, Christmas Day Singer George Michael passed away. In his home in the United Kingdom. October 30th will mark the 30th anniversary of his debut solo album “Faith” in 1987 when his album arrived George was already a mega superstar. Coming off his success being a part of duo Wham!

He was a different kind of pop artist, he was one of the very few that crossed over  from Pop to the R&B music charts. That was my formal introduction to George Michael music. In Buffalo NY on the urban radio station 93.7 WBLK. Songs from George first solo album faith was played a lot on my hometown radio station.
Songs like “Father figure, One more try, Monkey, Hard day, Kissing a fool” (Quiet Storm Gem). All received airplay on urban radio in my hometown and other urban radio stations across the country. He received what they call the blue eyed soul treatment. Think pop artists Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith songs being apart of R&B and urban AC …

What's Going On?

Google Images: Devastation from Bomb Attack in Mogadishu, Somalia

I may talk about music and culture, It is my way to ease the pain with all the things I see going on in this world. But it is too much to ignore, last weekend there was bomb explosion in Mogadishu, Somalia. As of right now it has been reported that 300 lives has been lost due the terrorist attack.

I do my best to keep up with what is going on, whether it's in pop culture, local or national news. And with this recent terrorist attack. The one thing I don't see flooding up and down my time lines on my social media feed. Is  #PrayForSomalia, that is something that is very scarce across the feeds. But I bet your bottom dollar I can see the endless memes of bitches not being shit and its numerous likes.

That goes without fail, I posted a few links about this horrific incident and all I have heard is crickets. If I posted a joke and made fun of reality star. It would have been likes and comments galore. I am not tell…

Don't Disturb This Groove! Episode 16 Fall Madness

Don't This Disturb Groove! Is hosted by Lady T, she is a lover of all things R&B. Join her on this journey to bring R&B back to the forefront and into the valley. Tune in every 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday each month. This show will feature R&B music, from the past present and future.
@tashemao on twitter
@iamshema81 on Facebook

Culture At A Price!!!!

Images:, Hip-Hop Tees: Junior Mafia, Foxy Brown, Notorious B.I.G, Aaliyah
For a true a music lover, we love to whole experience of music, listening to our favorite artist on the radio. Getting on the music streaming sites looking up entire catalogues and playing them in the background. Going to the concerts and purchasing the merchandise. Typically concert tees are around 30 bucks a pop. Depending on the artist, a typical music lover may shell out the $30.00 for the tee and keep it moving.

When I was youngster coming up on the Eastside of Buffalo NY. I use to frequent the neighborhood corners stores. These were the type of stores where you could buy a honey bun, lotto tickets and heat up a hot pocket and purchase a whole outfit all in one place. The same stores use to sell the concerts tees or some would call them the bootleg concert shirts. Who ever was the popular artist at  the time faces were all over the shirts. 

At this point in time it was artist like, Aaliyah, Brandy, …

Episode 6 - Behind The Groove! The Aaliyah Show

Behind The Groove! Host Lady T and J.Jones will discuss and explore the life and legacy of Aaliyah. This past August 25th was the 16th anniversary of Aaliyah untimely passing. They will also talk about the current state of music labels and how or do they value their artists?